dynamic templates

What makes it dynamic?

In a unique way, the Dragon Invoicer „calculates” the best appearance for you, using any type of document or registry, with a special algorithm. Here are the most significant aspects.


The algorithm will take into account the given name, address, and other data’s length in the header, the amount’ length, the amounts rounded, the notes, the discounts, the line breaks. From these, as a whole, is the esthetic, tasteful appearance composed of.

For example: After adding new item rows, the former rows of items the are recalculated, the width of the column, and the line breaks will adjust to the newly added row.


In the neatly laid out templates, we introduced a „theme color” option, which means that you can provide a strong character to the appearance. This, in harmony with the high-resolution logo, can provide wholly unique and appealing documents, in either PDF format, or in print.

The program monitors the chosen theme color’s tone, either bright or dark-toned, the algorithm will adjust it to the appearance of the document. Therefore it could be read more easily.

HD logo

You don’t have to deal with the logo’s arrangement or size. The algorithm will handle it for you.

HD background

It could be any size, it will adapt to the appearance. This also could be high-resolution, of course. If you would like an exact arrangement, without distortion, it is recommended to use either the resolution of 595x842px or its multiples.

You can adjust anything in the document and it will instantaneously affect the whole appearance.

Please take a look at some samples. If you click the same dragon multiple times, the arrangement will change. If you click a different color, the arrangement will stay and the color will change!

Click the dragons!