Storno Invoice (Cancellation Invoice)

New Storno Invoice

Press the „New” button on the toolbar and select the required document menu.

macOS invoice new button
macOS invoice new storno
Storno invoice

What good is it?

If you would like the sequential numbers of invoices to be in order, do not delete any of them; use this function instead. With it's negative amount lines the Cancellation Invoice will make the amount of the Invoice which is required to be cancelled, zero.


The procedure of editing corresponds with making an invoice. For details see the Invoice page of the help.

Invalidating an invoice contained in Dragon Invoice

Choose the invoice required to be invalidate from the document list. The list will only show the potential invoices. The referenced serial number of the selected invoice will appear on the new storno invoice and in the header editor.

macOS invoice storno header
Storno invoice header

Invalidating an invoice NOT contained in Dragon Invoice

Create a new empty storno invoice by choosing the menu "Toolbar + button / storno invoice"

Drag and drop in the customer and items, then enter the serial number of the invalidated invoice in the header editor.