Press the „New” button on the toolbar and select the Reports menu.

macOS invoice new button
macOS invoice report

The following reports are available

  • Invoices
  • Invoices by Tax
  • Invoices by Customers
  • Invoices by Items
  • Estimate list
  • Purchase Order list
  • Credit Note list
  • Delivery Note list
  • Pro forma list

The following parameters are customizable

  • Period interval
  • Filter by date, fulfillment, due date
  • Sort by ascendant or descendant order
  • Beginning and end of serial number
  • Currency
  • Method of payment
  • Invoices, e-Invoices
  • Paid, unpaid

Reports settings

Click on the header and set the required parameters.

macOS invoice report settings
Report settings

Reports print

You can save the reports in PDF format by clicking the printer on the Toolbar.

macOS invoice report print
Report print

Report of a customer and an item.

Drag in a customer or an item in Reports view and you will immediately see its report.

macOS invoice report customer
Report one customer
macOS invoice report item
Report one item


Nice, clear-cut, carefully planned reports can be created with Dragon Invoice.

macOS invoice report 1 macOS invoice report 2
macOS invoice report 3 macOS invoice report 4