New Item

Press the „New” button on the toolbar and select „Item” menu.

macOS invoice new button
macOS invoice new item

Modifying / Deleting Item

Press the „Item” button on the toolbar and select the required item by clicking on it. Press either the „Modify” or „Delete” buttons. An item can also be opened for modification by double-clicking on it.

macOS Invoice - Modify and delete item
Modify and delete item

Editing Item

Item editing window can be accessed at any time, even during editing a document.

macOS Invoice - Edit item
Edit item

Net and gross unit price

Check in the amount with which you want to calculate. This way you can avoid rounding errors. Press enter or the „Refresh” button next to the amount after you have typed it in. The software will automatically tell over calculate the amounts.


The price is relative, it will convert to other after setting the actual currency on the document; therefore it can be viewed as any currency until then.

Information field

The following field does not appear on the document, it only provides information to us. You can search on this too.

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Only a single item / service

It can occur that it is not practical to save every single item/service. We suggest that you add an item which you can always drop on the document and then modify it's title, price, etc.